Learn the tips of smart spending to gain control of your finances.

Smart spending

At Our Newham Money, we like to focus on financial wellbeing. This means we look at ways in which you can hold onto your money and do more with it. Taking into account what you are using your money to buy, we offer advice on how you can make your spending smarter.

Small changes made now can make a big difference over time, leaving you in a position where you have more money to spend on what truly matters to you and your family.


Do you really need to borrow money

Borrowing money is not always the answer. Sometimes you will find that through saving you will be able to build up enough money to buy the items you want.

If you need the money for bills or to pay off existing debt take advantage of our expert advice on how to improve your finances.

Beginners guide to smart spending

Learn the power of saving. Small steps taken to eliminate unnecessary spending now can end up paying you back many times over.

Our expert advisers can take you through the steps to reducing your outgoings whilst still receiving what you truly value.

Budget planner tool

Work out how much you are really spending and project into the future the difference small changes made now will have on your finances.

Use our free tools to work out how long it will take to make repayments and if a loan is right for you.

Our Newham Money Young People

Our specialist advice for sixth form students can help get you started on the path towards greater financial independence.

The decisions you make as a young adult shape your financial future and developing good habits such as saving can put you in a strong position.

Should you save or borrow?

Sometimes it isn’t obvious when it is the right time to borrow and when you should save. Try to think about what you want to spend the money on and ask yourself whether it needs to be bought now.

At Our Newham Money you can take advantage of our free tools and expert advice to see which action suits your circumstances best.

Smart shopping tips to save you money

Learn how changing where you shop, switching energy suppliers and making the most of deals can save you money.

Smarter spending can be the foundation of your personal finances and help build community wealth.